Multi-Year Leasing Program

Organizations across the world understand the immense benefits of using Planar display solutions. They help create ‘wow’ experiences, they drive efficiency and they enable better communication. Planar recognizes that deploying a fleet of large format 4K displays for digital signage, or installing a massive cutting-edge video wall has as much impact on an organization’s budget as it does on viewers. To enable more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our display solutions, we’ve partnered with Huntington Technology Financial in the U.S. and Macquarie Finance in Canada to offer Planar® EverNew™, a competitive, multi-year leasing program for Planar display solutions.

How it Works

Planar EverNew enables organizations to lease our solutions for two-to-six years, instead of dedicating budget up-front to purchase them outright.

The program is a managed service offering with funding arrangements that allow customers to finance the total cost of the project—including hardware, software, extended warranties, installation and the Planar® Premier Service Level Agreement—into a monthly fee.

Individual leasing term duration, interest rates and other financial details will be subject to approval from our Leasing Partners.

Once the terms are set and approved, the financing company pays the Reseller the total cost of the Planar display purchase and the customer pays the financing company directly, on a monthly basis.

The program combines the flexibility of a leasing model, facilitated through our finance partners, with Planar’s top-tier support and maintenance agreement. 

Why lease?

Leasing your Planar display solutions effectively changes your purchase from a large Capital Expense to a more-manageable, fixed and predicable monthly Operating Expense. Leasing reduces the risk of technology obsolescence as well as eliminates the need for project bidding, speeding the process from decision to installation.

Planar EverNew Options

Planar EverNew is offered in 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6-year lease terms (subject to credit approval) to provide greater flexibility and ensure your organization has access to the Planar display solutions it needs, for as long as they’re needed. As a lease duration draws to a close the organization operating the Planar display(s) will be given three options:

  • Begin a new lease with the latest Planar display solution(s)
  • Continue leasing the existing displays at a lower fair market
          value rate
  • Purchase the leased displays at the current fair market value