Our commercial displays solutions are built in the United States and the European Union and they’re trusted by authoritative Federal Agencies and government bodies. Our LED panels have a strong track record of fostering collaborations, monitoring operations, and quickly identifying problems so they can be swiftly resolved. We provide state-of-the-art digital technology, LED video walls, and high-resolution displays to empower government organizations to navigate through big data and multiple IP or analog video streams from every corner of the world. Our solutions can be used in all environments, be it a government office space, a conference room, a situation room, or any other.

The Necessity of Digital Displays for Government Applications

Our LED video wall solutions comprise features and characteristics that can offer retail outlets a number of benefits.

Efficient and Timely Decision Making

Digital Technology in Federal agencies and government organizations have a lot of utility. They are used for a number of processes including visualization of big data, engaging with several video sources, and PC applications. Our solutions streamline the process, bringing data to life so that you can make timely decisions during critical situations. Our digital solutions help customers — both in Federal and local law levels — make critical decisions in varied environments.

Critical for Big Data

We provide seamless rear-projection and fine-pitch direct-view LED video walls so that data and video sources are unobstructed and clear. Our thin-mounting LED video walls can be easily attached and installed without the need for additional costly fixtures. The powerful processing systems enable a single desktop to be displayed across the wall and multiple sources can be visualized and configured on the wall. Tiled LED video walls are an efficient and flexible alternative.

Great Value for Client and Integrator

We provide features — like LED illumination and front-serviceability — that lowers the cost of design, installation, maintenance, and ownership in the long run, thus making them a great value option for government bodies. Furthermore, our ongoing participation in Federal purchasing contracts makes it easy for government bodies to do business with Planar.

Ease and Simplicity

We have manufacturing and service capabilities across the United States and EU, and we provide a range of services from consultation on project designs to Factory Acceptance Tests, making it easy for our customers to get efficient local support and to have all their needs met.