A number of different processes and functions in healthcare facilities rely on digital display screens. These functions may include donor recognition in the lobby area, self-service check-ins for the patients, navigating between the cafeteria and other public spaces, posting surgical schedules, to name a few. Our Planar display solutions offer a reliable means of integrating user-friendly technology solutions into hospitals to provide critical information to individuals with greater ease.

The Necessity of Digital Displays in Healthcare

Our LED video wall solutions comprise features and characteristics that can offer great benefits in healthcare.

Reliability for Public Venues

Our solutions — including high-brightness displays, sturdy metal-frame industrial designs, proprietary ERO (Extended Ruggedness and Optics) technology, redundant power supplies, amongst many others — have been specifically designed for reliable installation in the most challenging and demanding public environments.

An Eye for Design

Our LED video walls and commercial display solutions have been designed so as to be visually striking, capable of creating graphically stimulating backdrops with gripping focal points. A few examples of our visual innovation include features like the free-form configuration of the Mosaic Architectural Video Walls, seamless video walls of various sizes, and transparent OLED displays. All of our solutions comprise a thin-mounting profile. As such, they don’t require any additional structures or insets and they comply with all ADA standards.


Our solutions are highly customizable, ranging from free-form configuration of the Mosaic Architectural Video Walls to the seamless and limitless scaling of Clarity Matrix LED Video Walls.


Planar has been the leading developer of medical equipment for over 3 decades. Over that period, we have developed fetal heart monitors, defibrillators, medical monitors, and EKG machines. As such, our solutions are geared towards reliability.