LED Screens for Churches

Energize Your Service

As houses of worship increasingly look for ways to engage members and attract new people, many are embracing a more visual approach in their service to inspire participation.

With more emphasis being placed on the entertainment aspects of worship, the cinematic elements of a service are becoming a distinguishing factor. The dramatic imagery provided by digital display technology can complement the sounds of a choir or band, captivating audiences, evoking personal experiences and creating a lasting impact with congregations.

A Message is More Compelling in Vivid Detail
The sharpness and clarity of digital displays create striking graphics, legible text and support the intent of a place of worship to reach the greatest number of people. When lyrics are crystal-clear, the congregation is more likely to participate with songs. Impressive video walls make content more powerful and the message of a service more memorable.

Building Community through Participation

A place of worship is a cornerstone of the community, and by fostering participation, display technology can build a stronger network among the membership. As a vital tool for sharing information, the use of display technology creates opportunities for outreach and engaging more people in the worship community.

A Vow to the Future
Underpinning an investment in digital technology is a commitment to the future of a church, mosque, temple or synagogue. Relevant technologies maintain a relevant organization, and by appealing to a younger audience, digital displays can help sustain and even increase attendance. But while serving an important role in reaching the next generation, display technology can enhance the worship experience for all segments of a congregation.

Learn About Our Leasing Program

Organizations across the world understand the immense benefits of using Planar display solutions. They help create ‘wow’ experiences, they drive efficiency and they enable better communication. Planar recognizes that deploying a fleet of large format 4K displays for digital signage, or installing a massive cutting-edge video wall has as much impact on an organization’s budget as it does on viewers. To enable more people the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of our display solutions, we’ve partnered with Huntington Technology Financial in the U.S. and Macquarie Finance in Canada to offer Planar® EverNew™, a competitive, multi-year leasing program for Planar display solutions.