Avocor/ALZ-5530 | 55" IR-based Zoom Room System

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The pre-configured Zoom Room i7 OPS PC minimizes cabling by integrating directly into the display for a sleek finished installation. Simple provisioning requires just a few settings to be confirmed during initial boot up, after which Zoom Rooms will start and provisioning is as simple as entering the Zoom Room activation code*

*License purchased separately

Easy Install


Simple and easy to deploy at scale, the Avocor ALZ lets spaces be enabled for Zoom meetings quickly. Avocor’s custom mount secures the Logitech MeetUp directly to the top of the display with just three screws and because of the proprietary power/data cable between the MeetUp and the OPS, the entire system runs off one wall outlet – no power strips required.



Logitech MeetUp features front-facing audio for the best clarity as well as a 4K camera with an extra-wide FOV (Field of View) and motorized pan/tilt lens to provide 160 degrees of total room coverage without the fisheye distortion that plagues typical wide-angle cameras. Wherever people sit or stand, RightSight™ auto-framing automatically moves the lens and zooms up to 5x to perfectly frame everyone in the room.


Multi Touch Technology


The Avocor ALZ’s feature exceptional 4K resolution, superior inking and pixel-precise touch that most closely resembles writing on paper. Both the IR and InGlass Avocor ALZ options represent the most advanced display technology on the market, starting with slightly textured, firm glass that, unlike plastic screens, makes writing and annotating seamless and precise. The screen is also anti-glare, so it can be added to virtually any room or space without concern of lighting impact and it is resistant to fingerprints With natural, seamless whiteboarding that provides precision down to the pixel, Avocor’s displays are 4K at 60Hz, which means not only crystal-clear images but also low-to-no lag.


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