Add The WOW Factor to Your Next Event With LED Screen Rental Option That Will Instantly Light Up Any Space.

Looking for LED screen rental options? You can use multiple screen options to display videos or images in the background during your event. It isn’t easy to choose the right screen to deliver some amazing content to your audience. 

 Now, LED takes things to a whole new level. It can display full-motion video, high-resolution images, and more! If you’re planning your next event, having an LED screen to ensure nobody misses your fantastic display. 

Enter AV company that provides you with high-definition display technologies.

We offer high-resolution LED screen rentals to WOW your guests at your next event. We want you to have the best visuals that will bring some new excitement to your event. 

With larger and brighter screens, you’ll surely catch anyone’s attention. But that’s only possible if you choose the best-LED installation options.

At LED Solutions, we offer rental options for LED hardware with the latest technological features. You’ll have high-quality hardware that generates crisp images that will instantly hook your audience. Here’s what you’ll get.

High resolution
LED Video Panels

Display detailed and attention-grabbing images and videos for your next event. You’ll get a video panel that allows you to adjust the resolution for your screen.
We offer multiple resolution options and can help you choose the best high-resolution background for your event. Get the highest resolution at the lowest price. 

Scalable walls

Adjust the screen to any height. Combine these walls for a wider and larger LED display screen. We’ll provide you with multiple cabinets to adjust the shape and size of your screen. It’s scalable, adjusts to multiple heights, and you can use them to mount any LED screen no matter the venue.

The best hardware

Display full-motion video, some impressive images, and have a colorful display at your next big event. You’ll get crisp HD images that you don’t get with video projectors. The RGB output of our LED hardware is sharper and creates eye-catching image displays. Our state-of-the-art hardware will turn your event up.

Full on-site technical support

We believe that an LED screen will light up your event. That’s why we’ll assist you with technical support on-site. If there are any issues with the setup, or the image isn’t crisp clean, you will have full technical support. Have peace of mind that your screen will light up the event in no time, with a specialist helping you along the way.

Experience the magic of a new lighting system that will brighten up your event 

  • We will provide you with the latest LED display technology available in the market, at the lowest price.
  • You’ll get an attention-grabbing display, with maximum brightness and the highest resolution images, with our LED rental solution. 
  • It is also an economical way to brighten up your event and impress your guests. Out LED rental options are the cheapest in the market but hold up to the highest quality standards in the industry.  
  • You will also have a team to help you decide the best rental screen option for you. Our team constantly pushes the boundaries of performance, and we continually upgrade the performance of our hardware.