Planar Returns and Refund Policies

1.Leyard and Planar will not accept returned Product unless the RMA number issued by Leyard and Planar is shown on the outside of the box.

2. If the defective Product is returned and determined to be excluded from warranty under any of the exclusions listed above, Leyard and Planar reserve the right to charge the customer an amount not to exceed the MSRP.

3. If Product is returned and is determined to be a No Fault Found (NFF) unit, Leyard and Planar reserve the right to invoice the customer for any costs incurred by Leyard and Planar.

4. It is the responsibility of the customer to properly package the defective Product and ship it to the address provided by the Leyard and Planar Technical Support representative with the RMA number prominently displayed. If the defective Product is not properly packaged and is damaged in transit during its return to Leyard and Planar, the customer may be charged for either the repair costs, if repairable, or the MSRP of a replacement Product.

5. Replacement parts or Product will assume the remainder of the original Product’s warranty or 90 days from the date of shipment, whichever is longer.

6. Customer agrees to retain the replacement part or Product delivered by Leyard and Planar and that the returned defective part or Product becomes the property of Leyard and Planar.